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The We Love Romance Tour continues!

So today we are discussing our favourite romantic movies, books, and TV shows.

I know one Carina author has already picked this film, and I’m guessing it’s a fave of many! Hands down, Dirty Dancing is the MOST romantic movie ever. There’s no getting past Patrick Swayze! A sexy dancer from the wrong side of the tracks, and the geeky girl who you just can’t help but love. The whole country club vibe, and the difference in classes, and how they overcome everything just kills me. I could NEVER tire of this movie. Plus, like many, I think I could recite it from memory. How many of you wanted to immediately take up dancing lessons…only to realise we’d probably never meet a Patrick there!

For books, well there’s a plethora to choose from, but because I only recently read this one, I’m choosing The fault in our Stars by John Green. I’m not sure it’s slated as romance but to me anything to do with love is. I sobbed for a good hour after I finished this book, which made for a good look the next day! I think John Green is a genius at writing love, and emotion and all the things that go with it.

For TV shows, I have to admit I don’t watch much TV these days! My twin tornadoes put paid to that, and once they’re asleep I prefer to read. Total party animal, right here. I do absolutely love the Gilmore Girls show, and remember watching it and so hoping Lorelei would get together with the guy from the cafe! I don’t know how the screen writers managed to keep us riveted for so many years in that respect! But it was a great show, and I keep meaning to go back and hire the series and watch them over.

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What are your favourite romantic films or books?

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