Some of you might know I moonlight as Billie Jones too! I write under the pseudonym to keep my two writing styles separate, and am more than a little excited to share my new story with you! It’ll be out Jan 24th!

Move over Lara Croft, there’s a new action hero in town!

When unseasonable weather hits the sunshine city of Brisbane, a freak typhoon terrorizes the citizens. It’s not just any typhoon though, it’s a snake typhoon! And the deadliest snakes in Australia, with venomous fangs are flying straight for Kez.

Kez is the new girl in the office and she’s desperately fighting to prove herself, but what’s a girl to do when faced with a typhoon of snakes coming straight for her helicopter?

These flying diabolical snakes will stop at nothing to kill their victims and Kez only has one option: Figure out how to stop a snake typhoon and save the world… or die trying!


For fans of Snark-nado! A rollicking fun read, that takes itself seriously, but really shouldn’t!


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