Please welcome Sarah England to the blog today. Sarah writes a variety of genres but today we’re going to grill her about her super scary book, 3am and Wide Awake. It’s Halloween after all, so I thought I’d ask some ghoulish questions.

1. Your book is a collection of horror stories, do you get scared when you’re writing them? I can see you looking over your shoulder, or only writing them in daylight hours!

‘3am and Wide Awake’ is what I would describe as a collection of tales from the dark side. Some, as the title suggests, are demonic in nature – so yes – horrors! Some are spooky ghost stories, some are stories based on murder or simply the tragic, darker side of life. The fact that the title story is based on a true event (gleaned from my years spent in psychiatry – no not as a client, as a nurse and then medical rep) makes it that bit more frightening. I write them in broad daylight yes… but my dreams often come back to haunt me!

2. What is the scariest book you’ve ever read?

Without doubt – ‘The Woman in Black’ by Susan Hill. The ending is terrifying. The film made the end okay – but the book left me really, really disturbed…shriek!

3. Who is your favourite horror/thriller writer?

Stephen King. My writing hero. He is such a raconteur – his stories race along and his characters leap off the pages. I think Carrie and The Shining are masterpieces.

4. What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

‘The Exorcist’ – it was so bad I really couldn’t watch parts of it, and didn’t sleep for months without the light on. I still find it extremely disturbing to watch. I’m more than a bit spooked out by ‘The Omen’ series of films too… apparently the film crew were jinxed during the entire time of making it. Shudders….

5. If you had to choose one, would you be A: A Zombie, B: Dexter, or C: Freddy Kruger and why?

Oh blimey! Do I have to be one of them? Can’t I be a princess? Oh gawd…. Well I suppose I’d be zombie cos I kind of like their eye make-up!

6. Can you give us a snippet (or blurb) of 3am and Wide Awake?

‘3am and Wide Awake’ is a collection of 25 tales of darkness. Choose from the demonically inspired title story, to the madness of ‘Girl in the Rain.’ Dip into revenge with ‘Retribution’, or medieval terror with ‘The Witchfinders’… And oh dear, those reckless teenagers dabbling with a Ouija board in ‘Out of the Woods’! Why is a top surgeon being haunted by a vengeful woman in, ‘A Second Opinion’? And what happened to the girl who took ‘The Last Bus Home’?
Whatever you choose – I hope you will still be reading at 3am… Just watch out for the shadow hand about to switch off your lamp….

7. Is there anything you do to get into the ‘horror’ frame of mind before writing a thriller?

I read a lot of real life stories of possession and supernatural experiences – that does the trick!

8. When you’re sitting innocently at a restaurant do you secretly plan how you’d commit the prefect crime on a fellow patron?

Ha ha…. I think that must just be you, Rebecca…. LOL !!! Bec: Umm, I blame my writing group for this line of questioning!

9. We know you’re dressed up for Halloween, what are you dressed as?

I am dressed in my usual costume. There is nothing abnormal about it and I don’t know why people point at me so much. It’s just a long, purple dress with a black pointy hat. I have shiny black boots that lace up to the knees and I also sport heavy black Marilyn Manson type eye make up. And purple lipstick. I think it looks nice….
10. Do you scare small children who come to your door? Or are so you subscribe more to the Hansel and Gretel approach?
I scare the **** out of them if I can. Great fun.

11. Where can we find your book?

On Amazon – ‘3am and Wide Awake’ is and UK would be

My comedy (Expected) is and uk

My website is

Thanks for joining us again, Sarah!

Thank you very much for having me on here – it’s been great fun! Oh and in reality I don’t wear the pointy hat all the time and I give those pesky kids sweets…. Aww….. xx

Awww! Check out Sarah’s book for the ultimate Halloween read! If spooky is not your thing, her debut novel, Expected, will have you literally laughing out loud.

Happy Halloween!