I wanted to write a quick post this morning to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the book bloggers I know, and to Becca from beccasbooooks.blogspot.co.uk . Not only does she always support my writing but she also agrees to my crazy requests with a big smile and an ‘Of Course!’ More on this at the end of the post!

The book bloggers I know spend as much time reading as they do organising blog posts, Q & As for authors, guests posts, tours, and of course reviews, plus a multitude of other things, like redesigning their blogs, tweeting, facebook-ing, Pinterest-ing…well you get the idea. They champion authors, and help us spread the word about our books on almost all social media platforms. And THEY DON’T EARN A DOLLAR FOR IT. They often read numerous books a week which they write lengthy well-crafted reviews for, and most of these lovely ladies work ‘real jobs’, too.

I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them. When The Bookshop on the Corner was published a couple of weeks ago, I asked my blogger besties very last minute if they could do a cover reveal for me…they all agreed. Then on publication day, if they could do a post with an excerpt, they all did. I was so blown away that in just under a year of writing for Carina UK that I’ve made so many firm friendships with these lovely girls whom I’ve never met. This sparked an idea! I NEED to meet these girls in person and say Thank You! But they’re mainly in the UK. So cut a long story short – we are now booked to go to the UK next year and I’m going to finally get to hug all of these wonderful, inspiring, book-loving women! And say thank you in person!

I’m beyond excited, and can’t wait to tell them how grateful I am, and how much their hard work means to me, and the plethora of authors they help everyday.

So, here’s another example of their commitment! I asked Becca to read some of the first chapter of The Bookshop on the Corner! She said, “Sure! I’ll do it now! Which part?” I love you, Becca!

Here it is! Enjoy!