If you are friends with me on Facebook you’ll know we blithely planned to make our own Easter eggs on the weekend. Simple, right? Err, no. The kids thought it was super fun, not knowing their mum was one bunny away from exploding when the chocolate wouldn’t come out of the moulds.
Still, the kids had a great time eating all the fails, and there were A LOT of fails.
After writing about Easter in Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe, I’ve found about a bazillion things you can bake or make with your family.
So my chocolate eggs didn’t work, despite me buying moulds in every shape and size… fine.
Surely the kids and I are capable of making these little cuties!


Surely! Kids love watching plants grow, so that’s next on my Easter list. I’ll report back. Suddenly I have visions of an egg fight…

Note to self: drain the eggs before the kids see them.