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Please welcome the lovely Katie Oliver to the blog today with a guest post about her latest fabulous book And the Bride wore Prada!


Blimey – people in love get married in all sorts of odd places, don’t they?
Some tie the knot on the beach, or in an airplane; one couple I know got hitched while parachuting out of an airplane. Some marry in an amusement park, or in the middle of a field. But that’s not what I want when I marry Dominic.
My name is Gemma Astley, and I want a traditional church wedding, with all of the trimmings. Every. Sodding. One.
I had it all planned: we’d share our special day with 500 of our closest friends, and twelve bridesmaids, six ushers in kilts, a shedload of white roses, and a ginormous wedding cake; then I’d take my vows wearing my Prada wedding gown, with a horse-drawn sleigh and six matched white horses to carry us away afterwards on our honeymoon…and all of it to take place at Dom’s lavish Scottish estate in Northton Grange.
But nothing’s gone according to bloody plan.
First off, we were stranded at the Inverness airport with no hire car. Thankfully, Natalie and Rhys Gordon offered to take us along to Loch Draemar, where they were headed for the holidays.
We agreed. We could spend the night at Tarquin Campbell’s castle in Draemar, then Dom and I would get a hire car in the village in the morning, and be on our way to Northton Grange. Easy peasy, right?
Wrong. There wasn’t a single hire car to be had, or a hotel room. And then it snowed. And snowed. And bloody snowed, leaving us stuck at the castle for days on end.
Of course, getting married in a castle instead isn’t so bad. The Campbell family’s castle is gorgeous, all massive fireplaces and flagstones and minstrel’s galleries and what have you. But it isn’t the same as getting married at Dom’s place, is it? And with all this snow, I’m worried mum and dad won’t be able to make it to our wedding.
The thought of it makes me want to cry. Sorry. *sniffles and grabs a tissue* I don’t mean to whinge, really; but…

Gemma Astley and Dominic Heath are about to tie the marital knot at Draemar Castle in the tiny Highland village of Loch Draemar. But in the wake of snow and more snow, a missing Prada wedding gown, and a bride who’s morphed into an Essex Brideasaurus, Dominic is having some serious doubts.
It’s beginning to feel a lot like…confinement. Especially when someone locks Dom away in the castle dungeon mere hours before the wedding.
Who locked him in? Who would do such a thing? And where is the missing key? Will Gemma and her reluctant bridegroom ever find their way to happiness?
Read And the Bride Wore Prada to find out.

What could be more romantic than Christmas in the Scottish highlands?

The first book in the Marrying Mr Darcy series, “And the Bride Wore Prada,” finds Natalie and Rhys Gordon headed to Scotland to spend the holidays with Tarquin Campell and his wife Wren. A mix-up at the Inverness airport leads Natalie to offer a ride to stranded rock star Dominic Heath and his fiancé, Gemma. A blizzard soon makes the roads impassable, and the foursome barely make it to Draemar Castle.

When tabloid reporter Helen Thomas’s car slides off the road, she seeks shelter at the castle as well. She’s after an exclusive story on Dominic and Gemma’s not-so-secret upcoming wedding. But Helen finds a bigger story when she discovers Tarquin’s brother, Andrew, drowned years before. His body was never found. Is it possible he’s still alive? Her investigation yields more questions than answers.

Could Colm MacKenzie, the gruff groundskeeper with more than a passing resemblance to the Campbell family, be the missing piece to the puzzle?

Natalie and Rhys are recently married and blissfully happy…until Nat receives unexpected news that changes everything. Hurt by Rhys’s less-than-enthusiastic reaction, she wonders if their sparkling new marriage is over before it’s even begun…

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Katie Oliver loves romantic comedies, characters who “meet cute,” Richard Curtis films, and Prosecco (not necessarily in that order). She currently resides in northern Virginia with her husband and three parakeets, in a rambling old house with uneven floors and a dining room that leaks when it rains.
Katie has been writing since she was eight, and has a box crammed with (mostly unfinished) novels to prove it. With her sons grown and gone, she decided to get serious and write more (and hopefully, better) stories. She even finishes most of them.
So if you like a bit of comedy with your romance, please visit Katie’s website, www.katieoliver.com, and have a look.
Here’s to love and all its complications…

And the Bride Wore Prada Blurb:
She’s dated Mr Darcy…now, it’s time for Gemma to prepare to say ‘I do’! And the Bride Wore Prada is the sensational first book in Katie Oliver’s long-awaited Marrying Mr Darcy series, the follow-up to her best-selling Dating Mr Darcy trilogy.
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