When I happened upon this book on sale today I had to share it with you! I read it a few months ago, and it’s still with me today! I absolutely loved it, so I thought I’d share the blurb, and buy links with you. It’s such a bargain, and such an amazing book! Take a look 🙂 untitled


The Night Porter by Mark Barry


About the book:

Set in a hotel, in November, in the fictional town of Wheatley Fields, (based on Southwell, near Nottinghamshire, deep in Sherwood Forest). Four writers, all nominated for an upcoming awards ceremony, come to stay. One mega successful romance author, a top US thriller writer who sells in seven figures, a beautiful young YA tyro on the brink of world wide stardom… …and a degenerate, nasty, bitter, jealous, trollish, drunken (but brilliant), self-published contemporary fiction author. The Night Porter is instructed by a secretive and powerful awards committee to look after their EVERY need, to ensure they make it through the two weeks to attend the ceremony. At the same time as keeping an eye on their wishes, antics, fights, relationships and never-ending ego explosions. And trying desperately to avoid getting involved himself. It’s a comedy drama about writers (and Night Porters!) with twists and turns, nooks and crannies, shadows and mirrors. I don’t think you will see an Indie published book like this anywhere in Cyberspace. Probably not a tradpubbed one either. It casts a sometimes shadowy light on modern publishing, the writing business – and the people in it. Writers who like to read about writers and writing will enjoy the book as will readers who enjoy innovative, clever and multi-layered fiction.

Find the book here:

Amazon UK http://amzn.to/1sBj2JT 77p

Amazon US http://amzn.to/V9unpo 99c

Amazon Aust http://bit.ly/1sKktr6 1.05c

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