We’re off to Bali at Christmas time and wanted to make a trip to the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage. There are 92 adorable children living there who we can’t wait to meet! The orphanage is run purely on donations, they get no government help at all. Can you imagine the work it takes to meet the needs of each of those kids every single day?

We thought it would be a wonderful experience for our boys who are at an age now they’ll understand and hopefully learn some valuable lessons about helping others in the future.

We made an appointment to visit, and found out a little more about what they need. Ash and I planned to buy as much as we could for them over there, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, toiletries, but when I calculated what 92 children would need, I realised we would need help if we were able to supply enough that would last them at least a little while. After all, it will be Christmas time when we visit, and how special would it be to try and get as much as we can for them? The people who run the orphanage work tirelessly to make this happen every single day, and have made a huge difference to the lives of so many children.

I thought I’d put a call out for some help! We would love to supply the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage with as much as we can! You can read their wish list here. And they’re also in the middle of building another bedroom and they need eight mattresses for that. Our first priority will be fresh food, rice, and toiletries and then we hope to buy the mattresses, pillows, bed linen, and the clothing and footwear if we can!

If you would like to contribute you can find our Go Fund Me page here. We’d be grateful for any amount donated, or any help in spreading the word. We will keep you updated on how much we raise. When we get there we’ll keep you informed of what we buy, and take lots of photos!

If you’re going to Bali you might consider a visit yourself. You can read about the Jodie O’Shea Orphanage here.