I’ve just finished a few writing projects, and am looking forward to the release of my first book Mexican Kimono in November.

But, there’s a problem. For the first time in ages, I’m stuck. I don’t know what to start next. Which writing path to go down. I think this hinges on the fact I have three novella-length submissions patiently waiting in the inboxes of publishers. I’m all angst-y over it. Will they like them? Or am I patiently waiting for rejections. Or re-writes. Am I writing the best genre for me?

I’m not usually so doubtful about my writing. I love what I do and when it flows, and I’m happy with the story then I’m always confident I’ll find a home for my work eventually. So, maybe I’m suffering some kind of writers block, or something totally psychosomatic?

I know the only thing that will cure me is to continue writing. And possibly to kill some characters off, and break a few hearts, and potentially set fire to a few houses, or even a small town. That should do it. Then I might be able to return to something funny. Maybe I need to write a bit of black before the rainbows reappear.