53 thoughts that accompany my writing day

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  1. Need. Coffee.
  2. I hate morning people
  3. Jo’s awake! My UK BFF should live here, she’s nocturnal
  4. OMG so much happens on Facebook when I’m asleep
  5.  I live in the wrong country tbh
  6. But it’s too cold in the UK – way way way too cold
  7. Giggle *thongs* they just don’t get it
  8. France tho?
  9. A quick Google of house prices over there. Like five minutes, tops, and then I’m writing
  10. Aww these are adorable
  11. We could learn to speak French
  12. OMG that would be the sweetest, Bonjour!
  13. Un vin blanc!
  14. Imagine the little boys speaking French! Maman SWEEEEET
  15. What’s the Euro conversion?
  17. And French women never get fat
  18. I could definitely write more there
  19. I’d be closer to all my UK friends
  20. They could totes come and stay!
  21. Like, one year, that’s all…
  22. Look at those bistros, I bet Hemingway drank there
  23. It’s way too early for wine
  24. Time. To. Write.
  25. But first, food
  26. Brain food
  27. OK, a spoonful of Nutella it is
  28. And one more coffee
  29. Everything tastes bitter because it’s not French fml
  31. Oh, twitter, what the hell is #PigGate
  32. OMFG He WHAT?
  33. Those memes tho
  34. Surely he didn’t?
  35. Bacon’s off the menu
  36. Far out, maybe us Aussies aren’t so bad after all
  37. How am I supposed to write romance after reading that???
  38. I need to wash my eyes with disinfectant
  40. Cute puppy photo!
  41. I’m gonna instagram the hell out of that
  42. and pin it? I need a new board
  43. 78,000 words to edit
  44. That’s cool
  45. I can do it
  46. OMG I’ve done ONE PAGE IN ONE HOUR
  47. Turing off the Wi-Fi
  48. Who am I kidding? I’m not that person
  49. Nutella
  50. Think of the wine
  51. Six hours and it’s wine time
  52. Or whine time hahahaha
  53. OK. I MEAN IT. EDIT.


  1. Oh Rebecca, that is hilarious. (And I understand.entirely)

    • hahah thanks, Gayle! I think it’s our process! Gotta lead into it slowly! xxx

  2. This sounds about right. Glad to see I’m not the only one! I think writers make the best procrastinators.

    • I think it’s part of our process! Thanks for reading! xx

  3. the use of the word ‘tho’ makes me have a little chuckle 😉

    • hahahah was trying to do what the cool kids do! It was very hard not to correct it! hahahah

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